Parents & Friends Association

The Alphington Grammar Parents & Friends Association are focussed on enriching school life at Alphington Grammar School. They provide a valuable source of support across the school. The group meets on the last Tuesday of every month during term time. New members are welcome to join.

The P&F Association is vitally important to school community, and is involved on many levels to ensure we maintain a strong, friendly and cohesive community.

In conjunction with the Senior Management Team, the P&F Association are involved in a number of key initiatives each year. These include:

  • Social Networking
  • Welcoming new families to AGS
  • Welcoming international students and families to AGS
  • Fundraising for school improvements
  • Fundraising for community services
  • Linking local and community businesses to school projects
  • Annual Winter Ball
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day functions
  • Open Days and Special Events
  • Cultural Days and Celebration Days
  • Building a rapport with teachers and administrators of AGS

Business Directory

A new initiative in 2016, the Business Directory will be delivered straight to the inboxes of our families. Businesses, both from within our community and outside of our community, can be listed in the business directory.

Listings are FREE, and include the name of business and a link to your website. There will eventually be the opportunity for paid advertisements. All sponsors of Alphington Grammar School events will have the opportunity to add to their listing with premium inclusions, depending on the level of sponsorship.

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