International Students at Alphington Grammar School

At Alphington Grammar School we value the richness a culturally diverse student population brings to the learning environment.

Our students and families bring different perspectives to the learning journey and we work constructively to support the process of all students understanding and contributing to the Alphington community.

Our international students benefit from our personalised approach to academic studies, particularly in VCE. They enjoy participating in the culturally inclusive Australian environment for which Alphington Grammar is famous. They love the physical space and beauty of the natural garden setting and value the tutor-style of teaching in small groups to encourage a high level of understanding and academic achievement.

So, too, our local students benefit from their interaction with international students and enjoy the academic challenge and new social opportunities. Friendships are established between local and international students which strengthen and grow during their tertiary studies and future career paths.

Becoming an international student at Alphington Grammar School is highly regarded by families throughout Asia, India, Europe and South Africa. The majority of our international students originate from China and Hong Kong. However, we have many enrolled students from Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, The Middle East and European Countries.

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