Primary School Care

The care and wellbeing of our students is of primary concern to all the staff at Alphington Grammar School. We don’t want to just connect with the head, the intellect, of our students, it is imperative to us that we also connect with the heart to ensure meaningful relationships within our community.

Whilst each student has a homeroom (class) teacher who has primary responsibility for each child in their care, they are supported by a team of specialist staff to ensure we are able to best care for the students within our care. Our small class size ensures that our staff are able to easily connect with the students within their care and respond quickly to their individual needs.

Within the Primary School there are also two House Co-ordinators – One for Prep to Year 2 and one for Years 3 to 6. Their role is to provide additional support to the classroom teachers and specialists. In addition the team are further supported by the Assistant Principal – Head of Primary.

Within the school there is also a School Nurse on site, as well as a School Educational Psychologist and Learning Support Co-ordinator who together provide additional support to the care and wellbeing team we have in place to support all our students.

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