Our Leadership Team

The Senior Management Team at Alphington Grammar School are responsible for the day to day operations of the School, supporting the Principal to implement the Strategic Plan and providing strong leadership to ensure we are always cognisant of upholding the central value of “excellence”.

Dr Vivianne Nikou – Principal

Qualifications: B.A., Dip.Ed; M.Ed Pol Admin, D.B.A; AMACEL; MACE; AFAIM

Vivianne is a passionate educator, who decided on this vocation after an inspiring experience with a teacher in the final year of her own schooling. The stimulus from this first year teacher in her own final year has provided Vivianne with the impetus to strive to be an inspiring and connected educator herself.

After time in a large independent school, with long held traditions, and time in the corporate world, Vivianne has relished the challenge of leading a smaller and much younger school. She fervently believes that as educators “none of us have the right to waste a day in the life of the children we have in front of us and every child should leave school having experienced success”. She brought this same philosophy to Alphington Grammar School in 2013, and has ensured it permeates the community here.

Rowan Evans – Assistant Principal – Head of Secondary

Qualifications: B.A., Dip.Ed; M.Ed

Rowan has a passion for helping young people and supporting their learning. Education became his vocation after his own positive school experience and a desire to provide that for others. He is committed to making a difference by helping to provide a supportive learning community – ensuring that the students at AGS are able to not only succeed, but thrive. After a significant period in larger independent schools, Rowan joined AGS in 2014 and has welcomed the strong and vibrant community ethos that exists at Alphington Grammar School.

Tracey Nicholson – Assistant Principal – Head of Primary

Qualifications: Dip.Teach.Prim

Teaching is far more than just a job for Tracey, it is a vocation that she finds the best and most rewarding profession in the world. Her passion for primary education is evident in everything she does, and her philosophy that learning is a life long pursuit is central to all that she brings to the Primary Years at AGS. Tracey stays at Alphington because she loves the culture and believes it is a joy and privilege to see children grow and learn. She is now seeing the second generation of Alphington children come to complete their education with us.

Lukas Silver – Director of Teaching + Learning

Qualifications: B.A., Dip Ed, PGCE (School Leadership)

Lukas started his teaching career in inner-city London where he worked in schools with high levels of student poverty, deprivation and underachievement. It was there that he learnt that all children, despite their socio-economic challenges, their family situation or their level of prior education, crave to learn. He spent over a decade in London working as a senior consultant to improve teenage literacy and remove barriers to learning for all children. Lukas believes that the inclusive, nurturing environment at AGS is an amazing strength, a solid foundation to ensure that every child achieves their very best. He strongly feels that staff need to have very high expectations of every child so that their potential can be realised.

Manuel Pappos – Business Manager

Qualifications: B.Com, Dip Ed

There are not too many school Business Managers who also have a teaching background alongside their business background. Whilst Manuel was initially an “accidental” teacher, having won an Education Department Scholarship to earn his degree AND a Diploma of Education, he soon realised that teaching was the profession for him. Whilst he is no longer in the classroom, he fondly remembers his time in the classroom as among his happiest working days. As the AGS Business Manager, Manuel is able to combine his passion for education with his commitment to this community – having been here almost since day one.

Our School Council

The School Council at Alphington Grammar School are responsible for the overall governance of the School.

Back Row L to R: Manuel Tsirmiris, George Doukas, Danielle Permezel, Steve Siolis, Spiros Papadopoulos, Voula Kallianis, Peter Nikolakakos Front Row L to R: Michael Karamitos, Angela Georgalis, Nick Koukouvitakis, Dr Vivianne Nikou, Prof Marinis Pirpiris, Cavel Zangalis, Manuel Pappos

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