Prep – Year 2

The very early Primary Years are crucial for the development of a young person’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. From Prep through to Year 2, students are learning many of the skills that will form the building blocks for future learning.

At Alphington Grammar School, the early years of formal schooling ensure that our students are proficient in the basics, whilst being encouraged to grow and develop beyond that which is comfortable and familiar.

Much of their time in the Junior Years is spent in an environment that is familiar and self-contained. However, opportunities exist to break out and engage in learning across the main campus area where students can access the Education Resource Centre (library), Music department and utilise the expansive grounds for Physical Education.

Along with their classroom teacher our Prep to Year 2 students also have specialist teachers in Greek, Physical Education, Art and Music.

Our goal within these years is to help our students build the foundations for future learning whilst nurturing their creativity, confidence and resilience. Our students develop into confident, resilient young individuals, ready to tackle the demands of the more challenging stages of the learning journey.

See how the journey continues in Year 3 to 6 or join one of our school open mornings for a real glimpse into AGS.

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