Primary School Leadership

Whilst leadership opportunities arise during normal classroom learning across all year levels, at Alphington Grammar School we believe in providing additional leadership opportunities for our Year 6 students. The goal is to assist our senior Primary students to build confidence, develop a cohesive cohort and learn about leadership and all it entails.

Toward the end of Year 5, all students have the opportunity to apply for a position of leadership for the following year. Each student who applies is asked to make a brief presentation to their peers, outlining why they want the role, and what they will aim to achieve. Voting for each position is a combination of teacher input and student votes. This process provides students with an opportunity to develop skills, such as public speaking and planning and delivers an enormous learning experience.

There is a boy and girl captain elected for each of the following positions:

  • School Captain
  • Aristotle House Captain
  • Byron House Captain
  • Pericles House Captain
  • Socrates House Captain

There is also a Student Representative Council, allowing for greater leadership potential within the Primary School.

Elsewhere within the Primary School, there are leadership opportunities across all year levels as classroom monitors and within the various activities that take place each year.

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