Years 3 to 6

As students progress through their primary journey at Alphington Grammar School we provide them with the opportunities to develop maturity and connection with the rest of the School.

In Year 3 our students move from the early primary building across to a new upper primary wing, which houses our year 3 to 6 students. With open plan learning spaces connecting our Year 3 and 4 students, and also our Year 5 and 6 students, there is much opportunity for collaboration not only between peers, but also between neighbours. We currently have limited spots available for these year levels. If you would like to secure a spot or receive further information please email or sign up to one of our upcoming school tours

As our students move into the upper primary area, their learning experiences also develop and expand. After being introduced to the important fundamentals of learning in the early primary years, our students are now introduced to the habits of mind, which form the basis for their learning right through their secondary years.

The habits of mind provide each student with the skills to work through real life situations that equip them to respond using awareness, through real life situations and intentional strategy. The intended outcome is to provide our students with the ability to become well-rounded, socially responsible adults.

The 16 Habits of Mind are:

  • Persisting
  • Managing Impulsivity
  • Listening with understanding and empathy
  • Thinking flexibly
  • Thinking about thinking (metacognition)
  • Striving for accuracy
  • Questioning and posing problems
  • Applying past knowledge to new situations
  • Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
  • Gathering data through all senses
  • Creating, imagining, innovating
  • Responding with wonderment and awe
  • Taking responsible risks
  • Finding humour
  • Thinking interdependently
  • Remaining open to continuous learning

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