Global Gateways

At Alphington Grammar School we are committed to providing our students with the experiences that will not only enhance their learning, but will have them encounter opportunities that they will not get in the usual school environment.

In this increasingly accessible world they are growing up in it is imperative that our children have a strong sense of cultural awareness, a sense of community and a deep understanding of the contribution they will make to a globally sustainable future. We incorporate opportunities for our students to build vital lifelong skills and attributes that will allow them to have a deep cross cultural understanding and help them to develop the higher order thinking skills of a truly global citizen.

The Global Gateways Program is compulsory for all Year 9 and 10 students at Alphington Grammar School, and is one of the most powerful catalyst for personal growth, along with a truly effective international education.

Each year students have the opportunity to choose either an international or an Australian cultural experience in each of their Year 9 and Year 10 academic years.

In each even year (ie 2016, 2018 etc) our students have the choice of:

  • a five week study tour of the cultures of China, Turkey and Greece OR
  • a two week study tour of Central Australia including Coober Pedy, Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs

In each odd year (ie 2017, 2019 etc) our students have the choice of:

  • a two week study tour of Vietnam OR
  • a ten day study tour of the Top End, including Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield National Park

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