Secondary School Leadership

As part of their social education, students at Alphington Grammar School are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and set goals around making a positive personal contribution to their school, their local community and the broader community. As they move through the School, students are encouraged to apply for positions of leadership in one or more key areas of school activity.

At AGS we emphasise the “Servant Leadership Model” in encouraging students to place the needs of others ahead of their personal needs. As well as assisting in the development of their own personal development as they move towards young adulthood, our students are encouraged to take pride in their membership of our community. We support them in their desire to enhance the best interests of the School and wider community.

In appointing Student Leaders, we value the following qualities and characteristics:

  • A high level of school involvement
  • Academic competence
  • Respect for other members of the school community
  • A well-developed social conscience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Pride in their school


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