Years 7 & 8

The transition from Primary to Secondary can be an apprehensive one for students no matter whether they are new to the school, or continuing their journey. At Alphington Grammar School we are committed to making sure that all students entering our Secondary School are well prepared for the journey ahead.

The transition process for our incoming Year 7 students starts towards the end of Year 6, when all our students enjoy an Orientation Program that is comprehensive as well as fun. This is our opportunity to get to know all our students, whilst they also get to know each other.

Throughout our Secondary School, and particularly in the lead up to the rigours of VCE, we aim to instil in our students an enjoyment of learning, a willingness to try new things, and the opportunity to experience success of some kind. We continue to develop in them the 16 Habits of Mind mentioned here and support them as they encounter the social, emotional and intellectual challenges of being a teenager.

Secondary Curriculum Pathways

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