Year 10

By Years 9 and 10, our students are ready to become effective global citizens, experiencing new cultures, and collaborating with peers from around the world. They do this whilst navigating adolescence and undertaking a rigorous academic program.

As they progress to Year 9, our students will have the opportunity to experience our Metropolis program, which further supports their development as burgeoning young adults. To compliment their learning, our Year 9 student are also involved in our Global Gateways Program.

During Year 10 at Alphington Grammar School, our students are given the opportunity to experience the rigours of VCE subjects, whilst also being provided with a breadth of subjects to assist in making appropriate decisions for their VCE studies in the following years.

A second year of Global Gateways Program ensures that our Year 10 students have a very strong sense of cultural awareness and are successful global citizens now and in the future.

Secondary Curriculum Pathways

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